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Target relief with powerful Tinctures & Vapors that release
wellness & joy on demand:

  • Focus uplifts, motivates and energizes
  • Balance reduces stresses and provides calmness
  • Reset decreases inflamation, pain and stress
  • Sleep provides deep relaxation and slumber
  • Uplift is electrically energetic with a pronounced buzz

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    Benefits From Our Natural Extracts

    There’s a wide range of powerful benefits from our formulas designed for targeted relief. Each product is tailored to perform a specific outcome while also providing a pleasant mental and physiological experience. Depending on the product, the benefits include:

    • Homeostasis
    • Increased Focus
    • Balanced Mood
    • Energy/Motivation
    • Reduced Anxiety
    • Deep Sleep
    • Anti-Inflammatory
    • Joy/Laughter

    A Wide Range of Synergistic Therapies

    We harness the major and minor plant ingredients and their unique properties, including the terpene’s, to produce potent tailored outcomes that relieve, uplift, and optimize physiological performance. Our products are available in two different extracts with twelve different formulas to choose from.
    ∆8 Broad Spectrum Extracts leverage the powerful medicinal effect of ∆8, amplifying the other major and minor active ingredients and terpenes into potent natural therapies.
    Full Spectrum Extracts harness the benefit of the full plant’s entourage-boosting ingredients and terpene blends designed to enhance performance and overall benefit.

    What other Customers are Saying

    You want to the best version of yourself.

    To help you, here is what some of our Customers have to say about our Delta8 product line.

    “The Focus vape allows me to stay on track in a highly distractible environment- like at home. I am blown away! I didn’t know hemp had this medicinal power.”

    Cindy - San Diego, CA

    “Tinctures weren’t doing it for me, and I nearly gave up on hemp-based products until Hummingbird Delta-8. This stuff is no joke! I love Uplift for the day and Unwind for my nights. I just ordered Sleep; can’t wait!”

    Francine -Denver, CO

    “Thank you! My pain disappeared! Finally, there is a hemp-based product to reduce my inflammation immediately- big fan of Reset!”

    Dom- Wichita, KS

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